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  5. fer1972:

    ‘Flow’ Sculpture by Baptiste Debombourg 

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    Our playground, Miles Donovan

  8. pokemuniemonkey:

    This is something I want to share with.

    Can’t speak, can’t hear.

    There are people out there who arent being aware of deaf people, This picture show us, how they see us deaf people that can’t speak because we’re just retarded or dumb. And the cover of our ears because we cant hear as they betted we will never able to hear anything, or maybe walk the road without knowing the car’s coming. Maybe a fate of our death for not able to hear.

    They judged us for being deaf and not to give it a change to embrace us.

    We deaf people are also human and who can able to hear with hearing aid or speak.

    We always have the chance to proven these people wrong who looked at us in that way.


  9. pokemuniemonkey said: Thank for follow me bud!

    :) no prob